About Us

The United Veterans Council of San Diego County (The UVC) is an alliance of Veterans and over 200 organizations that are either Congressionally Chartered Veteran Service Organization or providers of services and support to Veterans, all working together by mutual consent in an ad hoc structure, since our formation in 1984.

The UVC functions primarily as a forum for information concerning the Veterans community of San Diego County and beyond, with the intent that such information will be passed down to the front lines of all Veterans Organizations and associations.

Secondly, the UVC acts to host  the introduction of new initiatives to advance the quality of life for Veterans and their families, and the identification of needs and vulnerabilities affecting both individuals and groups of Veterans, in order to find or produce responses to better the conditions of those affected.  Our wide range of activities and adaptive structure are now recognized throughout the state and the nation, and are followed by other Veterans communities.

The United Veterans Council has no formal bylaws or prescribed dues, therefore no chartered organization should be barred from participating. We do invite Member Organizations to make a voluntary monetary contribution annually: $50 or whatever an organization can afford to donate, in order to pay costs of:  Printing Monthly General Session Agenda, and Delivering regular News & Announcements to over 1,000 individual Members and the UVC Member Organizations. Hosting monthly meetings. Sponsoring special functions such as “Calls to Action” events, Job Fairs, and skills & knowledge seminars.

Commanders and Presidents of Posts, Chapters, Associations, etc., are encouraged to attend the General Session monthly meetings or to appoint a representative to attend to represent your organization.  All interested individuals are also welcome at all General Sessions, as well.

The monthly “UVC News Newsletter”, “UVC Calendar”, “Announcements” at mid-month, and Minutes of meetings are published each month electronically to those that have
e-mail and by postal delivery to others.  The UVC web site also contains the “UVC News” and “Calendar” and Minutes.

If you or your organization are not currently registered or represented on the United Veterans Council, we invite you to use the CONTACT US tool and instructions on this website, or to send your name, organization, email & phone contact, and postal address to:  UVCNews@gmail.com